Want to know what Miamians are drinking this winter? Check out '7 Winter-Inspired Cocktails to Try Now' on Eater Miami where not one, not two, but three Solbeso cocktails were featured from amazing establishments like Macchialina, Radio and Blackbird Ordinary

Read on for a sneak peek:

Water for Chocolate at Macchialina

Macchialina’s concoction is a blend of Solbeso, Bénédictine, simple syrup, orange bitters, and cherry bark vanilla bitters. Served over ice, the dark cherry and vanilla flavors are great winter.

Sol en Invierno at Radio South Beach

Translated to “sun in the winter,” this cocktail’s name is indicative of the winter weather in Miami. Created by Bryan Canales, it’s with Solbeso, pineapple juice, applewood-smoked coco syrup, bitters, and lemon and orange juice.

Winter Badger at Blackbird Ordinary

A mix of Ancho Reyes, Solbeso, pineapple, honey syrup, and lemon juice, this drink from Blackbird Ordinary is a mix of sweet and tart.