Thomas Aabo

President & Co-Founder

Thomas Aabo offer a diverse expertise in technology, finance and hospitality.  Working directly with local cacao farmers and government institutions across Latin America, Mr. Aabo is charged with the expansion, production, financing and commercialization of Solbeso in the US and abroad.

Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Mr. Aabo arrived in New York City in 1998 and took to the rapidly expanding world of start-ups, initially in technology, never losing his passion for hospitality. After a decade starting and growing mobile and internet focused ventures in New York and San Francisco, Mr. Aabo joined forces with Tom Higbee, a beverage and consumer goods veteran, to start a quest for innovation in beverages. The Company, New World Spirits develops pioneering and groundbreaking products informed by the team’s global insights.

With relationships in international commerce, New World Spirits secured the interest from leaders of the world’s largest beverage companies, counting dozens of internationally renowned experts in beverage marketing, production and financing as investors and advisors in New World Spirits.

Mr. Aabo lives in New York City with his Son Thomas Alexander.